Future Stores Seattle 2021 Blog

The In-Store Retail Experience Is About to Get a Huge Boost from Augmented and Virtual Reality

In-store retailers are finding compelling use cases for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in physical stores. The arrival of 5G and evolving consumer expectations are accelerating the trend.

In-Store Retail will ‘Make or Break’ Omnichannel Success During the 2020 Holiday Shopping Season

Explore how top retailers are transforming in-store experiences to capitalize on the growing appeal of in-store shopping around holiday seasons.

How Perry Ellis & Oracle are Transforming the POS Experience

Technology is at the core of customer experience. Perry Ellis invests in Oracles' POS to attain a real-time, 360-view of its customers across all touchpoints.

Here's How EssilorLuxottica is Transforming Customer Experience Through Its Digital Technology

EssilorLuxottica outlines 5+1 pillars of innovation which accelerates business growth, focusing investment on customer experience and digitization.

How Starbucks Is Using AI and More to Better Serve Its Customers

Starbucks is brewing up new ideas from its innovation hub: the Deep Brew Initiative, the Mobile Order & Pay functionality, and more to come.

Why Best Buy Is Expanding Into Home Healthcare

The growing senior population presents a new market for Best Buy's consumer healthcare offering of analytics and health monitoring services.

DSW Extends Personalization Across Web, Mobile, And Physical Experiences

DSW leverages loyalty programs, data, mobile app, and feedback to personalize customer experience and drive engagement across all touchpoints.

SEPHORA Is Showcasing Select Digitally Native and Clean Brands

Sephora's "The Next Big Thing" corner is where customers can discover new trends and hidden gems from up-and-coming digitally native brands.

Here's How Macy's Is Driving Business with Subscriptions

Macy's subscription line for beauty products and clothing offers product variety to its customers at great value, encouraging successful repeat business.

Here's How Eataly is Transforming Farm to Table

Eataly is incorporating a farm-to-table initiative to bring sustainable products to its ethically and environmentally-conscious generation of customers.

Use Cases for RAIN RFID in Retail Operations of 2020

RFID technology has found increasing uses in the retail space for managing inventory, reducing out-of-stock incidents, preventing losses, and more.

Mobile eCommerce Trends for Retailers of 2020

With mobile representing over half of online store traffic, top brands are incorporating ways to bring mobile into their customer experience strategy.

BOPIS: A Sales-Driving Omnichannel Retail Strategy

“Click and Collect” is an effective way to drive sales and in-store revenue. Find out how to incorporate it into your omnichannel retail business today.

Effective Ways to Cut Costs on Retail Consumer Returns

Purchase returns are costly for retail businesses. Digital technology can help reduce the volume of returns and their operational/logistical cost.

In-Store Experience Case Study: Millennials & Gen-Zers

In-store shopping experience is still relevant to Millennials and Gen-Zers, but retailers must identify successful use cases to capitalize on this inclination