Future Stores Seattle 2020

June 16 - 18, 2020

The Sheraton Seattle

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2020 Lead Sponsors

Website: https://www.blueday.com/

Blueday empowers retailers to maximize the productivity of their store teams at every level. Getting the most out of your workforce, across hundreds of locations and thousands of associates, 363 days a year, is easier said than done. Blueday distills the immense complexity of in-store execution into concrete operational direction.... Read More

Concrete Platform
Website: https://www.concreteplatform.com/future-stores

Maximize product, staff, and store performance. Maintain a consistent experience across owned-stores, franchised stores, and wholesale partners. Concrete allows head office and field teams to distribute brand, promotional, and operational guidance and instructions to all points of presence. Stores and field teams receive the right information at the right time... Read More

Website: https://www.elotouch.com/

As a leading global supplier of touchscreen solutions, Elo is everywhere. With over 25 million installations in over 80 countries, Elo can be found in restaurants around the globe for self-service kiosks, kitchen display systems, hospitality systems, point-of-sale terminals, point-of-information displays, retail experiences, wayfinding, and transportation check-in applications. Elo has... Read More

Website: https://www.honeywellaidc.com/solutions/connected-retail

From the storefront to the backroom, Honeywell’s Connected In-Store Retail solutions bring together people, assets and merchandise in powerful new ways. With innovative IoT tools and data insights built on the expertise of leading software developers and retail workflow specialists, you can connect all your associates with each other, with... Read More

Website: https://www.inkling.com/

Inkling modernizes store operations with interactive, mobile-ready SOPs & job aids. Retailers use Inkling to deliver merchandising information or store policies in the form of dynamic documents. These documents behave like consumer apps and engage the user with videos, interactive simulations, dynamic forms and checklists. Employees rely on Inkling to... Read More

Rapid Displays
Website: http://www.rapiddsplays.com

At Rapid Displays, we develop cutting edge retail displays, designed to amplify impact at retail.  As the most creative company in the visual merchandising business, we offer a complete end-to-end solution including design, engineering, prototyping, production and logistics.  All with design at the center of what we do. Read More

Website: http://www.rmsretail.com/

RMS is a go-to-market platform relied on by retailers to localize communication with stores and improve in-store execution. With its ability to incorporate and analyze multiple sources of data, customer behavior and trends, RMS has evolved into a powerful profiling and predictive modeling tool that allows retailers to optimize their... Read More

Website: www.shockoe.com/futurestores

Shockoe is a full-service digital agency with a singular focus on custom mobile solutions. From ideation and mobile strategy to product design and implementation, we partner with our clients to create innovative apps for both consumers and employees while focusing on delivering the latest in mobile, AR and voice technology.... Read More

Third Matter
Website: https://www.thirdmatter.com/

Helping businesses thrive through smart powered mobility. thirdmatter is a division of Green Cubes Technology, a global company with a 30 year history in power and mobility. With offices in Washington, Indiana, Malaysia, India, and Taiwan, we work continuously on our customers’ challenges. thirdmatter’s mission is to bring innovation to the... Read More

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