Future Stores Seattle 2020

June 02 - 05, 2020

The Sheraton Seattle

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At Future Stores, we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the in-store experience industry. Below we have a few of our most popular articles and case studies covering in-store experience innovation.

Retail Technology Articles

The Customer-Facing Digital Signage Market in Retail Through 2021

In this report, we provide key insights into the in- store competitive environment in terms of retail strategy and maturity with digital signage. We share direct feedback from retailers themselves about their outlook for technology through 2021.

Strivr is Training the Athletes of Tomorrow with Virtual Reality Technology

Strivr claims its virtual reality training solution can result in learning retention rates up to 75%. This is compared to an average of just 10% when learning via reading or lectures alone but,with virtual reality, staff can be trained for peak periods way ahead of time and employers can be confident their people are equipped with all the knowledge and experience they need when the crowds arrive.

Trax is Using AI and Mobile Strategy to Help Stores Manage Inventory

Artificial intelligence and mobile technology are offering tangible benefits to businesses operating in almost all industries. Tech startup Trax is putting it to work helping brick and mortar retailers more efficiently manage their stock levels.

Standard Condition Takes on Amazon in the Cashierless Store Race

Tech startup, Standard Condition has recently opened its first cashierless store in San Francisco. Using its own proprietary AI-powered technology, the innovative company is looking to make sure Amazon isn't the only game in town.

Outernets Brings Ecommerce Experience to Traditional Window Shopping

Outernets is effort between artists, scientists, and engineers who are integrating digital and physical spaces. Brick and mortar retail is rapidly losing ground to the world of ecommerce, the only way yo survival is to find ways to offer unique experiences to your customers which they simply cannot get online.

DIRTY LEMON Opens Their First Store with no Staff

Customers text DIRTY LEMON with the number printed on the bottles, informing them of their purchase and DIRTY LEMON send them a secure link to enter their card details, and that's it.

Snowe's Unique Customer Experience Strategy Uses Founder's Home

The need for a brick and mortar space is felt more keenly in markets such as fashion and furniture, as these products are often difficult to imagine in a real-life setting. Home furnishing startup Snowe's founders have arguably gone a little above and beyond the call of duty with their own innovation.

L'Occitane Is Wowing Customers with the Customer Experiences At Its New Concept Store

Modern consumers expect more than just products from brick and mortar stores. Thanks to the discounted prices and convenience of the ecommerce market, shopping is no longer about what people need, but rather the experience of shopping itself.

Here's Macy's New AR & VR In-Store Strategy: The Market @ Macy's

In partnership with Facebook, Macy's has invested in enhanced in-store technologies to make the customer shopping journey more "convenient, efficient and fun.

Graupel - Startup Uses 3D Technology Strategy to Offer Great Fashion

3D technology is all the rage at the moment, with companies all over the world finding new ways to use it to enhance the customer experience. From virtual reality shopping experiences to augmented reality treasure hunts, there's a ton of potential for 3D technology in the retail industry.

Tiffany & Co.’s Millennial Luxury Retail Strategy Launches With New London Store

Jewelry retailer Tiffany & Co. has opened a brand-new flagship store in London's Covent Garden, designed very much to appeal to a younger demographic with a marked departure from the brand's traditional luxury retail position

Eatsa’s New Robotics Strategy For In-Store Experience

Eatsa is coming back with style - and some philosophical ideas about the relationship between automated and human employees, and the fun its platform can instill into the dining experience.

Bonobos Omnichannel Strategy Lets Customers Try Before They Buy

While it's true that most online clothing retailers offer a no-questions-asked returns policy, allowing customers to send back items which don't fit or suit their style, the entire process is inconvenient and cumbersome - the exact opposite of what consumers want from an online shopping experience

New In-Store Retail Experience Strategy from Online Furniture Retailer, Burrow

Meet Burrow - a fresh-faced digital startup that sells American-made "luxury couches for real life" with a modern mid-century design aesthetic. Launched in April 2017 as an online-only brand, Burrow is now moving into the brick-and-mortar game, opening its first physical store, called Burrow House, in the SoHo section of New York City

Here's How Flirtey is Trailblazing Drone Delivery Services in the U.S.

Drone delivery services have been in the pipeline for some big brands such as Amazon and Food Panda for a while now. However, tech startup, Flirtey, is looking to disrupt those proprietary services by offering an independent drone delivery option.

Simbe Robotics' Shelf Auditing Tech Is The Next Step In Retail Automation

Simbe Robotics has taken an age-old retail problem and solved it with an elegant and innovative machine.

How Marxent Labs Is Helping Visuals Commerce Look Beyond Pinterest & Instagram

Visual commerce has been growing in popularity thanks to social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. However, Marxent Labs is taking things even further than the obvious choices.

How Rattle Technology will have You Howling with Laughter with Its Innovative Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented reality has been hitting headlines for some time now. However, innovative tech startup Rattle is bringing the technology to some wild new frontiers.

How Fellow Robots & Lowe's Plan to Automate Inventory Management

Inventory management is a common pain point for many retailers. However, in partnering with Lowe's, Fellow Robots has come up with a truly futuristic solution.

How Matternet Plans to Become the UPS of Drone Delivery Services

Companies such as Amazon and Google normally dominate any conversation regarding drone delivery systems. However, tech startup, Matternet is looking to bring UAV-powered delivery to the masses.

Retail Innovation Articles

Brick & Mortar Loyalty: Brand & In-Store Retention Strategies

In a recent study by WBR Insights & the Future Stores conference, we explored how the most successful retailers (5,000+ stores) create unified, seamless experiences between digital and physical environments. We investigate how a mobile-first approach is critical to connecting these environments in 2019.

LEGO's New In-Store Customer Experience Strategy

Lego has had a firm grip on the toy industry for nearly a century with its innovative interlocking bricks. However, its new Lego House is poised to offer a totally unique experience.

One Grand Desert Island Books Is Creating A Great Literary Experience

There are few pleasures greater than perusing the shelves of a well-stocked bookstore. However, with a celebrity-curated twist, One Grand Desert Island Books has created a truly innovative retail experience.

Here's How Swarovski is Being Crystal Clear About the Need to Innovate

Luxury gift brand Swarovski may be a little late to the party when it comes incorporating technology into its retail experience. However, its newly opened innovation lab is looking to change all that.

Nordstrom's New Innovative Local Store Concept

As online shopping becomes ever more popular among consumers, the retail industry is tripping over itself to innovate the brick-and-mortar retail space. Now fashion brand Nordstrom is throwing its hat into the ring with a new take on the local shop concept.

How Indochino Is Tailoring Outstanding Showroom Experiences

'Showrooming' is a word that can strike fear into the hearts of many bricks-and-mortar retailers - but for made-to-measure menswear outfit Indochino, it's become the core pillar of an incredibly successful business model.

L'Oreal Is Using VR & Augmented Reality To Create A New In-Store Experience

Digital technology, such as virtual and augmented reality, is at the frontline of creating the in-store experiences of the future. Cosmetics giant L'Oreal is putting itself in the vanguard of this trend with three great new innovations.

How B8ta is Giving a Physical Presence to the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is growing ever larger, and it was only a matter of time before it got its own dedicated store. Enter B8ta, the company bringing the IoT to the high street.

Amazon Go Has Hit the Ground Running - With Just a Couple of Stumbles

Despite its reputation as an online retail giant, Amazon has now opened its first brick-and-mortar convenience store. But, just how well has the Amazon Go launch gone for the company?

Rent the Runway Electrifies Offline Expansion with Digitally-Enhanced NY Flagship

Rent the Runway has figured out how to seamlessly combine their trusted online business model with an outstanding in-store shopping experience.

Walgreens Wants to Be the Beacon of In-Store Customer Convenience

Walgreens has been developing ways that it can provide in-store shopping aids to its customers via their smartphones, knowing that shoppers’ purchase decisions can be impacted on-location and in real-time.

Nike’s New Flagship is a Powerhouse of Experience-Driven Retail

Nike’s new store offers experiences that consumers simply can’t get online.

The New Experiential Sonos Store

There's something special about the new experimental Sonos store. Is it too soon to be talking about “the great bricks-and-mortar comeback”?

Why Apple Is Turning Its Stores into “Town Squares”

Apple is looking to reinvent the role of stores and employees with "Town Squares". What's their plan?

Staples’ Interactive Store Map Customizes In-store Shopping Experiences

Physical store survival rests upon retailers’ abilities to innovate the in-store experience and give shoppers a reason to set foot through their doors.

These Startups Are Solving the Biggest Challenges in Enterprise Retail

The industry’s true innovators are turning their attention to the supply chain as the new differentiator for successful enterprise companies.

Press Releases

francesca’s Extends Its Contract with MMP, Demonstrating Its Dedication to Empowering Front Line Team Members with INCITE Platform

Multimedia Plus (www.multimediaplus.com), a technology firm that develops communications solutions for the world’s leading brands, is pleased to announce that francesca's® has renewed its contract, signaling its dedication to the INCITE platform as a means to empower team members and drive in-boutique success. 

4 Innovative Brands to Watch at This Year’s Future Stores Seattle

Future Stores is heading to Seattle June 19th - 21st and this year’s lineup features the creators of several brands who are winning big in retail. Here are four innovative brands to look out for