Future Stores Seattle 2019

June 05 - 07, 2019

The Sheraton Seattle

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“As someone new to my role as director of digital retail experience, the Future Stores conference provided invaluable insight and context regarding the approaches, successes and challenges that brands in various industries were encountering on this exciting journey.”

Dixon Kane, FordDirect

“Future Stores is becoming the premiere event for retailers focused on their own futures.”

Mike Wittenstein, Storyminers

“Good presentations with good 1-on-1 opportunities.”

Asif Iqbal, Walgreens Inc.

“Great event covering actual pain points for the retail market which served as an ideal platform for both vendors and industry leaders to come and exchange opinions of what the "future stores" would actually look like and serve. A very well attended event from the retail industry side; offering vendors with a great opportunity to not only showcase their solutions but at the same time understand real issues that challenge retailers in a rapidly changing digital environment today.”

Sanjeev Sularia, IntelligenceNODE

“Hearing the perspective of other industry leaders on the topic if digital and store integration.”

Russ Martin, CarMax

“Future Stores 2014 covered all the top technology topics those of us guiding the retail experience need to plan for and build into all retail channels. It provided a very complete and helpful overview of the various technologies being developed and implemented into today's retail environments.”

Kimberly Viney, Perennial Inc.

“It's a very concentrated gathering of peers who network and discuss future trends. Limiting the number of attendees makes it much more attractive.”

Tom Martell, RetailNext

“Unlike many other retail conferences, Future Stores stands out because the content was well-curated and highly targeted around future trends in retail, and the attendees were predominantly high-level decision-makers instead of sales-driven account executives. I would definitely recommend the Future Stores event to any retail executives who care about evolving their brand's in-store experience.”

Hafez Adel, Combatant Gentlemen

“What made Future Stores 2014 valuable to me was to listen to several other disciplines that are so critical to the complete customer relationships. Data and analytics have such a critical role in the overall customer relationship. It was great to see so many different angles and new ways of understanding consumers.”

Paul Flanigan, Digital Screenmedia Associ0ation