“I am so impressed with the quality of leadership that participates in the VP Think Tank and the egoless participation of all participants. The ability to transparently discuss the issues that we are facing today and collaborate on solutions and best practices is unparalleled. I value the thought leadership and the think tank is one of my favorite sessions at Future Stores.”

Colleen Lewis, SVP, Retail, Coldwater Creek

“It was great hearing from those that are in the trenches of in-store innovation, the real ones leading the charge in this industry. Round Table discussions allowed for open exchange of ideas where retail leadership shared insights and challenges of customer engagement and visions for the future of retail experience making.”

David Kepron, VP Global Design Strategies – Distinctive Premium Brands, Marriott International

“The content was fantastic and I can’t wait to bring my new ideas back to the drawing board.”

Chris Hawn, Director, Retail Development, Charter Spectrum Communications

“The Presentations were strategic and thought provoking at the same time. I’m walking away with pages of notes – 16 pages before lunch on the first day, in fact!”

Melanie Wells, Sr. Analyst, Market + Concept Development, Lowe’s

“The Networking at the event is second to none. With small intimate sessions to interactive learning opportunities, we had the chance to meet the best of the best in retail experience. I particularly enjoyed the Women in Retail session!”

Dari Damazo, Manager, Market + Concept Development, Lowe’s

“Was great to have conversation with like minded peers about topics that have immediate or near term relevance. It’s great to hear how others in the industry are thinking about such topics and how I can apply their thought process to my business in the short and long term. Thanks for hosting!”

Kristi Allison, VP, Last Call Stores & Operations, Neiman Marcus

“This was my first Future Stores and I found the Keynote speakers to be very good and engaging. The afternoon session of “Women in Retail Chat” allowed for very open and helpful insights to aid in our work challenges.”

Beth Lange, Digital Marketing Sr. Manager, Benjamin Moore & Co.

“Rich Content, great conversation in Round Tables, and a lot of connections made with other retail professionals. Future Stores is something I look forward to year after year.”

Mindy Murphy, Retail Experience Manager, Benjamin Moore & Co.


“Future Stores Miami was a great way to learn about industry innovations, best practices, and trends. I loved Miami and had a great time meeting my retail counterparts to discuss ways to improve customer experience!”

Hannah Maher, Customer Engagement Director, Service Management Group

“This event is the perfect size. I was able to land new clients because I had the time and room to speak to as many people as I needed. I think the size, attendee profile and mix of brands is perfect. The FS team is very organized and always runs a great conference. I enjoy Miami and Seattle very much. Keep up the good work!”

Steve Sabia, Business Development Manager, 3Cinteractive

“Future Stores Miami was an unexpected surprise - incredible keynotes and engaging conversations with very reputable retailers.”

Mark House, Head of Business Development, Tulip

“Future Stores was an amazing opportunity to engage in thoughtful conversation around the evolution of the physical store; bringing together forward thinking retailers who are defining retail today.”

Erik Sultmanis, Business Development, Tulip

“The Future Stores event provided tier-one content for attendees that was strategically enlightening and very useful for tactical day-to-day best practices in retail. Both speakers and attendees were knowledgeable retail professionals and great intel was shared by all in a very intimate and casual environment. Content on advancing technologies, especially mobile, was covered well with great data and success metrics on what’s working in the market. David Kepron gave a particularly amazing presentation, I’m buying his book Retail (r)Evolution. Every retailer should attend Future Stores to stay current on an ever-changing industry.”

Michael Ahearn, Head of Strategic Client Growth, 3Cinteractive