Future Stores Seattle 2019

June 04 - 07, 2019

The Sheraton Seattle

Josh Shabtai

Director, Lab Productions, Lowe’s Innovation Labs
Lowe’s Companies Inc.

10:10 AM Keynote: Shifting From Tech Driven Innovation to Narrative Driven Innovation

Through story, we are able to make sense of how disruptive technologies can improve the lives of Lowe's customers and employees. We use narrative-driven innovation as a tool to help us find disruptive opportunity, imagine the possibilities it brings, and share our vision of the future with others. This process enables us to disregard current barriers, inspire ourselves and others, and make sense of what the future can hold. Discuss:

• How to think about innovation from a human behavior standpoint instead of from a purely tech perspective
• Ideas for crafting future customer narratives that are addressing a customer or employee pain point or need
• Identifying from a macro economic standpoint and tech standpoint how you might address said problem or need without being disruptive

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