Jeff Gaul, SVP, Store Development at SEPHORA

Jeff Gaul

SVP, Store Development

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Main Day One: Mapping Out Your Store Strategy

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

8:25 AM Keynote: Ready to Grow? Winning Expansion Strategies In Today’s Retail Landscape

Expanding into new markets and adding more locations to your brick and mortar business is an important way to develop your brand’s identity and drive revenue. But how do you go about expanding your footprint without overextending yourself? This session will explore:

  • Utilizing pop-ups and collaborations with other brands to test new ideas before putting down roots in a new city or neighborhood (and disentangling yourself gracefully from these partnerships when they conclude)
  • Developing a business model that fosters growth for your organization
  • Combining a data-driven approach with the sensibilities and instincts of your team to ensure that stores are placed strategically
  • Growing your company’s footprint while still maintaining autonomy over your brand image