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[Whitepaper] How District Managers Turn Corporate Strategy into Reality

For  organizations with distributed stores, District Managers play a vital role, serving as the all-important intermediary between corporate offices and individual stores or branches. Engaged, empowered District Managers can be a critical asset to an organization. On the other hand, ineffective field leaders and high turnover at that position can limit an organization’s ability to translate strategy into reality.

Future Stores teamed up with Square Root on a new benchmark report that uncovers the biggest challenges District Managers are facing. The report includes proprietary data from surveys of more than 900 District Managers, interviews with influential corporate leaders, and actionable insights.

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How to Bring Your Merchandising Strategy into the Omnichannel Age

By now, if you haven’t heard about retailers urgently implementing an omnichannel strategy, it’s probably safe to assume you’ve been living under a rock. While that conversation has been saturated with the why, it’s time to shift focus to discuss the how. One of the central components to achieving a satisfactory level of omnichannel success is addressing the issue of merchandising. According to Retail Systems Research’s (RSR) 2015 annual merchandising benchmark report, 44% of the retailers surveyed identified managing the complexities of cross-channel merchandising as one of their top three challenges.

In this guide, we will focus on: 

• Identifying the key challenges of omnichannel merchandising
• Case study examples of which retailers are getting it right
• Key solutions and strategies that can help retailers move forward

Turning Brand Vision into Store Execution: The Vital Role Store Managers Play and How Retailers Can Unlock Their Value

Retailers rely heavily on chain of command within the organization. This report provides some solutions to assist store managers and improve communication within the organization. This will in turn lead to improved store performance and increased revenue.

Key topics include:

  • Support structures and job satisfaction
  • Store managers' daily challenges
  • Aligning the enterprise, from corporate to stores
  • The need for enabling technologies and more store associates

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Store of the Future Whitepaper

Doing things the same ways for the same reasons won’t get retailers ahead. Instead of letting change happen, retailers should invoke change on themselves by purposefully desiging their futures—their store of the future—replete with the detail needed to make their ideas real. This Storyminers white paper outlines the characteristics, benefits, and new business capabilities that adopting a Store of the Future Initiative brings. It also includes a playbook, implementation notes for sponsors/leaders, and simple ways to get started.

Pirch Delivers Next-Gen CX by Emphasizing Culture Over Tech

Next Gen Customer Experiences aren’t always about the tech. In fact, the more ‘tech-y’ a brand gets, the more human it must become at the same time. Customers won’t accept anything less. Especially if they’ve been to PIRCH.

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How to Unify the Retail Customer Experience

New from Future Stores and Kibo Commerce comes the latest research in integrating brick and mortar into a highly sophisticated omnichannel strategy. Get your copy to discover:

- The latest in-store technologies
- Seamlessly integrating customer data
- Fulfillment options that your customers want

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2016 Retail Innovation Briefing

The retail industry is undergoing a massive time of transition due to changing consumer behavior and disruptive technologies. In-store visits are significantly down due to the massive shift to digital, so stores are working to push the online sale as well as reinvent the store environment to increase foot fall. But with technology changing rapidly and consumer expectations at an all time high, many stores are failing as evidenced by numerous store closings.

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In-Store Testing Technologies that are Changing How we Think of Brick and Mortar

Featuring data collected from your peers on-site at Future Stores 2017, this new report produced in partnership Kibo Commerce highlights how in-store testing of the most cutting edge new retail technologies is already underway. With a ton of new and interesting information on where in-store technology is being developed, this concise and informative report is a must for anyone who is looking for more perspective on where the future of the store is headed.

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