Future Stores Seattle 2018

June 19-June 21, 2018

Sheraton Seattle, Seattle, WA

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DS-IQ is Dynamic Shopper Intelligence. Ignite customer connections at the intersection of your digital/physical store experiences. Automatically target, trigger, and adapt your messaging based on the conditions your customers experience at a given time and place. Anticipate shopper needs by sensing, measuring, and responding to local context like pollen count, cold and flu rates, weather conditions, school schedules, and sporting events. Incorporate enterprise context, like real-time store inventory, promotions, and demand patterns. DS-IQ makes it easy to add context as a powerful ingredient to retail marketing systems and workflows to deliver amazing experiences across ecommerce sites, social media channels, in-store networks, mobile applications – virtually any customer touchpoint. Automatically. At scale. Now. We provide Azure cloud-based solutions, plus on-premise implementations that serve thousands of store locations and digital properties for the world’s most demanding marketers. DS-IQ has helped power over $1 billion in incremental in-store sales.

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Website: http://www.ds-iq.com
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