Future Stores Seattle

June 25-June 28, 2017

Washington State Convention Center, Seattle

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Nikki Easterday

Experience Design Manager
Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)
Experience Design Managers at REI, Nikki Easterday and Matthew Powell are submersed in creating the customer experience through new shop designs with reinvented navigation, service operations, engagement and education. Through customer research in tandem with collaborative and iterative design process', they create a new way for customers to discover Camp and Bike at REI.

Nikki holds a B.S. In Design, Visual Communication & Presentation from University of California, Davis where her passion for design systems was cultivated.

Day 2: Tuesday, June 27, 2017 Retail Customer Experience and Engagement

3:00 PM Panel Discussion Revolution: Transform Your Store Into A Retail Destination

Customers are not just looking for products when they come to your store—They are looking for an exciting experience. They are seeking out social, entertaining environments that are meaningful and memorable.
Expert panelists from diverse retail verticals will discuss:

  • Out-of-the-box ideas for engaging customers in-store
  • How retail footprint have changed to accommodate today’s shopper
  • Which experiential trends are resonating with consumers and why

Day 3: Wednesday, June 28, 2017 Strategy and Design: Redefining The Retail Landscape

09:50 AM Case Study Revolution: Will You Go Outside With Me?

A case study on connecting to your community before surprising, delighting and welcoming them to the brick and mortar experience.
In this candid presentation, learn how REI built a relationship with the Washington D.C. customer outside of the traditional digital and physical commerce spaces.

Nikki and Matthew will walk you through:

How REI engaged both long-time members and new customers to create an outdoor community ready for the newest flagship store
How empathy and connection can inform the physical design and store experience
Low-fidelity prototyping and co-design of physical, digital and integrated space to validate space to connect
Knowing you got it right; involving customers and staff in ongoing engagement of measurement in high fidelity, real-world retail environment

1:20 PM SITE TOUR B: REI Flagship - SOLD OUT

Get a behind-the-scenes-look at REI’s flagship location and hear how they approach store design, customer and staff engagement and more.