Future Stores Seattle 2018

June 19-June 21, 2018

Sheraton Seattle, Seattle, WA

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Matt MacInnis

Founder and CEO
Matt MacInnis is Inkling’s founder and Chief Executive Officer. He founded Inkling in 2009 on a mission to make the world smarter with mobile technologies, and has built it into the market leader in workforce enablement. Today, Inkling is the leading field operations management system for retail, restaurants, and other industries.

Before Inkling, Matt spent eight years at Apple, where he ran the company’s education market development organization, based in Beijing. Matt subsequently returned to Apple’s California headquarters to coordinate Apple’s growth in education globally.

A native of northeastern Canada, Matt earned a degree in Electrical Engineering with a Citation in Mandarin Chinese from Harvard University. Both Matt and Inkling are based in San Francisco.

11:25 AM Fireside Chat: Rethinking the Customer Experience at Teavana

The cost structure of traditional retail is no longer sustainable, but the pressure to innovate is ever higher. Teavana has met the challenge with a combination of human, technology, and operational changes to build a sustainable but delightful customer experience. Catherine McCabe, VP of Sales and Operations at Teavana will chat with Matt MacInnis, founder and CEO of Inkling, about how the brand is reimagining the employee and customer experience using insights from a fleet of newly-designed specialty retail concept stores. The stores meet the expectations of a multi-channel consumer and help shape Teavana's home inside Starbucks Roastery and Reserve stores, under Howard Schultz.

09:30 AM Keynote: How Consumer Technologies Will Change The Face of Retail

In operations, retailers had been battling one another with wooden ships when Amazon showed up with an ironclad. Now, the retail cost structure is no longer sustainable, driven by outdated technologies and processes. A big change is needed in how we engage and manage our teams; it's time to get retail humming again. Thankfully, new consumer technologies have opened doors to innovation: artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and augmented reality will deliver an experience for employees and customers that will change the face of retail for the better.
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