Future Stores Seattle 2018

June 18 - 21, 2018

Sheraton Seattle, WA

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Main Day Two: Disruptive Store Design & Innovation Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Continuous innovation and agility are absolutely necessary to win customers in today’s highly competitive market. Hear how disruptors and traditional retailers alike are fostering a culture of innovation and thinking outside the box to deliver experiences that inspire, engage and delight their customers.

7:15 am - 8:00 am Networking & Breakfast In The Exhibit Hall

8:00 am - 8:05 am Welcome Remarks

Kristin Schoenstein, Program Director,Future Stores

Kristin Schoenstein

Program Director
Future Stores

8:05 am - 8:20 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Scott Langdoc, SVP and Practice Lead,BRP

Scott Langdoc

SVP and Practice Lead

8:20 am - 8:45 am Keynote: Innovation Designed Around A Personal Touch: What’s Next For Nordstrom

Brian Gill, SVP, Technology,Nordstrom
Get an inside look at some of the innovative projects in this iconic brand’s pipeline from Brian Gill, SVP Technology, who leads the 500 plus employees who make up Nordstrom’s technology team.


Brian Gill

SVP, Technology

The store environment is undergoing a rapid transformation as consumer shopping preferences evolve. There is no clear path to purchase and the lines between digital and physical continue to blur. This diverse group of panelists will talk through:
•New opportunities for merging digital and in-store 
•How technology is truly bridging the gap between bricks and clicks 
•New store formats and concepts that engage customers and provide seamless experiences


Rajesh Chhablani

SVP Real Estate, Store Design & Construction
Tailored Brands


Dean Handspiker

VP, Design, Product & Store Development


Jochen Schmidt

VP, Real Estate and Store Development

9:15 am - 9:40 am Keynote: Shopping For Home At Home--A Store Design Challenge Or Opportunity?

Nicholas Cooper, VP, Property & Retail Establishment,IKEA Craig Hodgson, Director Retail Architecture & Store Design Development,IKEA
With large furniture retailers continuing to capture online customers, discuss how Ikea is competing online and the importance of their physical retail locations to their continued global success. Nicholas Cooper and Craig Hodgson of Ikea will discuss:
•How does IKEA store design react to a future
•where people are increasingly happy to shop for home furnishings by e-commerce
•Physical store formats still have a great future in a digital world
•Leveraging global store design development to create a U.S store design strategy


Nicholas Cooper

VP, Property & Retail Establishment


Craig Hodgson

Director Retail Architecture & Store Design Development

9:40 am - 10:05 am Fireside Chat: Fireside Chat: Building A Community Around Sleep: The Parachute Story

Ariel Kaye, Founder & CEO,Parachute Home
Hear Founder and CEO Ariel Kaye discuss Parachute's physical retail strategy that is not just about selling product - but rather building a community and offering unique experiences that fully immerse customers into the brand.

Ariel Kaye

Founder & CEO
Parachute Home

10:05 am - 10:45 am Brew-tiful Morning Refreshment and Networking Break In The Innovation Lab

10:45 am - 11:15 am Retail Technology Shark Tank

Michael B. Reidbord, Founder,Fashion Tech Consortium
Want to learn about the next game changing store tech? The Future Stores Shark Tank presents short, sharp demos of next gen technology that will shape the future. And you’ll have a chance to vote on which tech you think will be the most transformational for in-store executives! Confirmed participants include: Shopic, Mirow Tech, FTSY, Scanalytics


Michael B. Reidbord

Fashion Tech Consortium

11:15 am - 11:35 am Keynote: Points of Sale 2.0

Craig Witsoe, CEO,Elo
How point-of-sale, consumer mobile, and in-store e-commerce are evolving into a unified platform. Next generation architecture can give customers a seamless & personal brand experience that increases sales while also lowering inventory and IT costs. Now is the time to create your next-generation ‘One POS’ roadmap. 
Learning objectives include:
•Essential considerations for unified POS
•Impact on the customer experience and implications on back-end systems, hardware and software
•Customer(s) case studies/examples


Craig Witsoe


11:35 am - 12:05 pm Keynote Panel Discussion Remix: Measuring the ROI For Retail Innovation

Srinivasan Rajamanickam, Sr. Director, Technology Strategy & Architecture,Coach Phillip Raub, President ,B8TA
Retailers are constantly testing new concepts—Some are investing in sophisticated innovation labs and R&D while others are creating low-fi, scrappy methods for quickly testing new ideas. No matter how you are handling the pursuit of innovation, the question should always come down to:
•How is it driving a clear result or value for your business
•How can you stay on the cutting edge without getting too far ahead of the market and over-spending
•How are you improving the customer experience
A diverse group of panelists will talk you through their innovation process and how they go about measuring the ROI of their efforts.


Srinivasan Rajamanickam

Sr. Director, Technology Strategy & Architecture


Phillip Raub


12:05 pm - 12:25 pm Keynote: From Brilliant Plans to Excellent Execution: Managing a Mobile-Enabled Team to Create Amazing Customer Experiences

Stefan Midford, Founder and CEO,Natural Insight
Stores are not merely a place to buy things anymore. As retailers are shifting their focus to creating better in-store experiences, the ability to properly execute is critical.  
From offering free coffee to product expertise and creating an engaging retail experience, retailers must win the battle for customer attention and loyalty. A key component for success is communicating with the in-store teams, seamlessly executing, and collecting actionable data to improve results.  
From improved merchandising to assisted sales and product demos, learn how leveraging on-demand labor and mobile technology is providing the ability for retailers to increase sales and reduce operational overhead.  


Stefan Midford

Founder and CEO
Natural Insight

12:25 pm - 12:55 pm Keynote Panel Discussion: Staying Agile In Retail—How To Manage Disruption And Uncertainty

Emily Watkins, SVP, Real Estate & Construction,Charlotte Russe Kevin Lavelle, Founder & CEO,Mizzen+Main Chris Taylor, CEO,Square Root Aaron Hicklin, Founder,One Grand Bookstore
With stores closing and disruptors entering the scene daily, retailers must perpetually stay on their toes. Adaptable brands are thriving. Discuss:
•What retailers are doing to stay afloat and continuously innovate in this uncertain but also exciting time. 
•What thriving brands all have in common 
•Case examples of stores that are reinventing the shopping experience
•What to expect in 2019 and how to prepare now


Emily Watkins

SVP, Real Estate & Construction
Charlotte Russe


Kevin Lavelle

Founder & CEO


Chris Taylor

Square Root


Aaron Hicklin

One Grand Bookstore

12:55 pm - 1:50 pm Lunch

12:55 pm - 1:50 pm Private Lunch

1:50 pm - 1:50 pm Concurrent track sessions begin. Please feel free to alternate between tracks to customize your experience.

Track A: Trends in Experiential Retail

1:50 pm - 2:00 pm Chairperson’s Afternoon Address
Tristan Rogers, CEO,Concrete

Tristan Rogers


Track A: Trends in Experiential Retail

2:00 pm - 2:20 pm Panel Discussion From Brand Vision To In-Store Execution
Tristan Rogers, CEO,Concrete Melissa Calhoun, Senior Manager, Store Operations,Justice
Learn how different retail brands bridge the “brand gap” between head office vision and in-store execution. Panelists from Justice, and several other leading retail brands, will discuss how they curate the brand experience across their stores. 
•The role of technology in store operations and brand compliance.
•Change management - making change stick!
•More compliance. Less admin. What your store managers really!
•Turning every store associate into a brand ambassador. 


Tristan Rogers


Melissa Calhoun

Senior Manager, Store Operations

Track A: Trends in Experiential Retail

2:20 pm - 2:40 pm Case Study: Built for Change: Leveraging Technology for Ongoing Transformation
Retailers realize that their shopping experience must continually evolve to keep pace with customer expectations. However, traditional software limits their ability to quickly build, experiment, and deploy. Newer technology empowers retail IT to agilely develop, manage, test, and deploy store innovations without weighty costs and timelines. Learn how your organization can leverage technology that's built for change.

Executive, Aptos

Track B: Emerging Tech

1:50 pm - 2:00 pm Chairperson’s Afternoon Address

Track B: Emerging Tech

2:00 pm - 2:20 pm Case Study: Transforming The T-Mobile Retail Landscape Through Digitally Accelerated Retail And A Complete Store Design Overhaul
Christie Sandoval, VP, Retail Sales Operations Services,T-Mobile Krysten Laboda, Director, Retail Design & Merchandising,T-Mobile
With more than 5,000 stores and an ever-growing portfolio of services and products, T-Mobile’s retail footprint is increasingly complex.  Hear how their Sales Operations and Store Design teams are harnessing the power of digital tools to create world-class frontline training, deliver fresh and experiential retail spaces, and create a seamless customer journey from screen to store.
Discussion points:
•A digitally enhanced approach to employee engagement: role structure, compensation, training, and selling tools
•Bringing the outside in with customer-facing technologies
•The evolution of store design: reimagining the purpose of a wireless brick and mortar space


Christie Sandoval

VP, Retail Sales Operations Services


Krysten Laboda

Director, Retail Design & Merchandising

Track B: Emerging Tech

2:20 pm - 2:40 pm Case Study: The Mobile Revolution Has Left the Hourly Retail Worker Behind
Chris Todd, President & CEO,Theatro
The mobile revolution has transformed the world by spawning massive productivity gains across almost every sector of the world’s economy. Yet even with this unprecedented wave of innovation, one very large group has been left behind: in-store associates. Representing the 4th largest employment sector in the US, hourly retail employees are underperforming without instant access to critical information that enables them to do their jobs better. Mobile has been an incredible wealth creator for the professional worker, but the hourly retail worker in the U.S. has lagged far behind. Even as politicians and activists call for higher minimum wages, the best way to lift this expanding part of our economy is to unlock their full potential by bringing the mobile revolution to them.
•Learn how the emergence of  IoT, conversational computing, and Wi-Fi everywhere have bred an entirely new mobile option
•Retailers with an empowered and connected workforce will be able to respond and adapt in this fast-paced, hyper-competitive mobile world
•Instead of being on the defensive to what’s coming next from Amazon and the online eco-system, retailers can experiment and innovate new and better ways to compete


Chris Todd

President & CEO

Track C: Retailer Only Connections

1:50 pm - 2:40 pm Campfire Story: Defining Your Distribution Footprint For The Future
Jochen Schmidt, VP, Real Estate and Store Development,Swarovski
In this session we can discuss and share experiences on store size, channel mix and number of stores. 
•What are the options to change your footprint in a fast and efficient manner? 
•What do we as retailer need to think of to mitigate risks of the distribution footprint? 

Host: Jochen Schmidt, VP, Retail Real Estate & Store Development, Swarovski


Jochen Schmidt

VP, Real Estate and Store Development

Track A: Trends in Experiential Retail

2:40 pm - 3:10 pm Panel Discussion: Taking A Fresh Look At Retail-Tainment
Jeffrey Eggert-Peluso, VP, Global Store Design,Levi Strauss & Co. Julia Brunzell, Manager, Retail & Brand Experience,Arc’teryx
Experiential retail is here to stay. Hear how different brands are approaching in-store entertainment and activities to engage customers and ultimately drive loyalty and sales.
Panelists will discuss:
•How to determine which interactive and fun elements to add to your store
•How to balance the active, entertaining experiences  with the passive experience of product buying
•Ways to make the in-store experience feel personalized to each customer


Jeffrey Eggert-Peluso

VP, Global Store Design
Levi Strauss & Co.


Julia Brunzell

Manager, Retail & Brand Experience

Track A: Trends in Experiential Retail

3:10 pm - 3:40 pm Case Study Remix: Designing For A Flexible Future: Case studies From Airbus And Google
Jason Chua, Project Executive,A3 by Airbus Group
New technologies have rapidly changed the way we experience and buy products, creating new challenges for retailers and consumers alike. Retailers are struggling with costly, fixed store designs that struggle to keep up with new products and trends. Consumers are grappling with an ever increasing diversity of highly customizable offerings which provide tremendous option value, but also create a “paradox of choice.” Hear how projects at Airbus and Google have used new technologies and processes to help tackle these emerging challenges – from modular aircraft cabins to tablets that can read your emotions. Discuss:
■ Benefits of an adaptive system
■ Emerging tools that enable real-time flexibility for
physical and digital stores
■ Design frameworks to think about change


Jason Chua

Project Executive
A3 by Airbus Group

Track B: Emerging Tech

2:40 pm - 3:10 pm Panel Discussion: Beyond Intranets: The Link Between HQ-to-Store Communication Tech and Executing Brand Vision
Marc Gingras, CEO,FOKO Retail
In-store execution is crucial to creating memorable, brand-consistent customer experiences, but making sure stores look exactly the way they were designed to is easier said than done. At a time when retail is undergoing a seismic shift, and providing a standout shopping experience for customers is more important than ever, a surprising number of retailers are still using outdated tech like intranets, emails and shared drives to communicate with stores and manage compliance. This panel will explore how retailers are connecting their HQ and store teams with new tech, how they ensure that every store represents their brand to the fullest, and the impact of better execution on store performance.

Panelists will discuss:
•Common hurdles to achieving great in-store execution
•How they’re leveraging new tech to communicate with stores and how it has impacted compliance
•The role of mobile in engaging millennial associates and fostering strong brand culture
•Monitoring and measuring store performance


Marc Gingras

FOKO Retail

Track B: Emerging Tech

3:10 pm - 3:40 pm Case Study Remix: Developing A Mobile-First Mindset To Maximize Sales
75% of shoppers are using mobile in store. Target is calling it “the front door to the store” as it saw that the majority of its customers are starting their shopping journey on their phone. Knowing this, how can you truly take advantage of the time your customer spends on their phone in your store? Hear how one retailer is leveraging mobile in store to drive engagement and sales.  Discuss:
•Use cases for mobile in-store from apps to promotions to wayfinding
•How to foster associate adoption of mobile 
•Mobile apps and programs using AR and VR
•New ways to engage customers on mobile and the results

Track C: Retailer Only Connections

2:40 pm - 3:40 pm Retailer-Only Boardroom: Telling Your Brand Story As A Multi Branded Retailer
Lydia Kandel, Director, Marketing,Credo Beauty Michelle Connelly, Director, Marketing,Credo Beauty
Lydia Kandel, Director of Marketing, Credo Beauty
Michelle Connelly, Director of Merchandising & Planning, Credo Beauty


Lydia Kandel

Director, Marketing
Credo Beauty


Michelle Connelly

Director, Marketing
Credo Beauty

3:40 pm - 4:30 pm Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break In The Innovation Lab

At Future Stores, you’re in control! Get involved in our unique, peer-to-peer roundtables for the best discussions you’ll have all year. Talk about your key challenges and hear how other brands are overcoming them. After 30 minutes, you’ll rotate to a new table and tackle a new topic with a new expert host. Use this time as a unique opportunity to dive into a niche topic of your choosing in an informal and intimate setting. Leave the event with new ideas you can put into action as soon as you return to the office. 

1.Experiential Retail Tips And Tricks
Moderator:  Tara Maffeo, Senior Manager, Retail PMO, Continuous Improvement, SEPHORA
2.Clienteling In A Digital, Omni-Channel World
Moderator:  Courtney Graybill, VP, Customer Experience & Product Management, David’s Bridal
3.Capturing Customer And Employee Insight To Drive Retail Innovation 
Moderator: Carl Chang, Director, Technology & Tools, Best Buy
4.How To Apply Predictive Analytics To Merchandising 
Moderator: Brandi Gardner, Director, Merchandising, AutoZone
5.Topic Pending
Moderator: Alyssa Frankel, Corporate Sales Manager, Glassy Baby
6.Influencing To Drive Accountability And Results In The Adoption Of Technology In Brick And Mortar Stores (From The Sales Operations And HR Perspectives)
Moderators: Jennifer Matanin, Director of Retail Operations, ALEX AND ANI
Linda Goodman, Senior Manager, Field HR, ALEX AND ANI
7.Prototyping Imperfect Technology Live In Stores: Process, Impact, Risk & Reward
Moderator: Melissa Cummings, Program Leader, Digital Retail Experience, Domino’s
8.How to better educate consumers on new services and events offered
9.Keeping Up With Amazon By Examining Speed To Delivery & Fulfillment 

Tara Maffeo

Senior Manager, Retail PMO, Continuous Improvement


Courtney Graybill

VP, Customer Experience & Product Management
David`s Bridal


Carl Chang

Director, Retail Operations
Best Buy


Brandi Gardner

Director, Merchandising

Alyssa Frankel

Corporate Sales Manager
Glassy Baby


Jennifer Matanin

Director of Retail Operations


Linda Goodman

Senior Manager, Field HR


Melissa Cummings

Program Leader, Digital Retail Experience

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm Women In Retail Panel & Cocktails

Listen and be motivated by an accomplished group of fierce femmes in retail; then spend some time networking and enjoying afternoon cocktails.

“The Networking at the event is second to none. With small intimate sessions to interactive learning opportunities, we had the chance to meet the best of the best in retail experience. I particularly enjoyed the Women in Retail session!”

Dari Damazo, Manager, Market + Concept Development, Lowe’s

“Was great to have conversation with like minded peers about topics that have immediate or near term relevance. It’s great to hear how others in the industry are thinking about such topics and how I can apply their thought process to my business in the short and long term. Thanks for hosting!”

Kristi Allison, VP, Last Call Stores & Operations, Neiman Marcus

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Seattle Aquarium Reception

Kick off the night with cocktails at the Aquarium’s Elliot Bay Patio. Then, head inside to wander, discover and explore the best the Northwest has to offer. See, touch and explore the sea life of the Puget Sound tide pools, step through a 12’ high crystal ring filled with luminous moon jellies, walk through an undersea dome with a 360º view of hundreds of fascinating Puget Sound Fish, help feed the sea otters and more!